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May is Bike Month!

It's Bike Month and there are plenty of ways to participate! Persuade co-workers to pedal to the office with you. Take that cycling vacation with the family. Throw a backyard bike fest! Do whatever pumps you up.  Shop our commuter catalogue for all your commuting needs. What cyclist doesn't love a reason to CELEBRATE?? Celebrate Bike Month!

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We're Taking A Day Off

We hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe ride on Memorial Day! As we enjoy the freedom of pedaling our bicycles, let's remember the men and women who served and protected our great nation.

We love our GRADS and DADS

Congratulations graduate, time for a nice long bike ride! Give Dad a Trek for Father's Day!
Congratulations graduates on your hard work, discipline and dedication! Who said hard work doesn't pay off?  Now... Get ou;t have some fun and RIDE! We are passionate about our receational sports, so if you need a tune-up, a new bike (the perfect graduation present), or any accessories to get ready to ride we're your full-service cycling headquarters.  Come by an check out some of our cool bikes!   This Fathers' Day give Dad a gift that will benefit the whole family – a bike from Trek! When Dad is healthy and happy so is the family. We'll help you pick out the perfect bicycle and cycling accessories that Dad will absolutely love!

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

road rash
Also called a "raspberry" or "strawberry," this is the painful scrape(s) suffered from crashing and sliding down the road.

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